What is this retreat?

the portals of our bodies + our energetic fields + guided rituals and experiments


Portals of Pleasure is not for beginners; this is a place for experienced practitioners and path-walkers to come together to dive deep. Folks who attend will need to have experience working in erotic embodiment community and rituals.

whole body

Whatever you're feeling: Your entire body, from hairdo to pedicure, from the genitals to the sweat and more. Your wounds. Your gifts. This workshop is clothing-optional, and any touch—offered or received—is always, always consensual.


Whatever your relationship to "spirit" or "god" or "The Great Big Good" or atheism may be, we'll be exploring how our bodies can be tools to access deeper connectivity.


Portals of Pleasure is limited to 16 participants. Along with the four staff, all staying in one big house, it'll be a cozy experience! Intimate—but not personal. This is a place for you to do your own work.

for women & genderqueer folks

This workshop is for straight, queer, masculine of center, undecided, trans, butch, femme, cis, self-identified women, and the many other kinds of “women” in the broadest sense of the word. And: this workshop is for genderqueer folks outside the gender binary, regardless of how you were assigned at birth.

please note: accessibility is limited

The workshop space is not accessible by wheelchair, and does include stairs and gravel walkways. We ask that this retreat be a scent-aware space. For folks with chronic pain, injuries, limited hearing or sight, or other limited spoons, we will do our best to work with you to assure your access needs are met.

More about our policies of "radical inclusivity" here.


Peaceful Mountain Retreat Center is about 45 minutes east of Bellingham in northern Washington state. It includes:

  • your very own cozy bed
  • a room shared with 2-3 other people
  • meals & snacks with your dietary restrictions
  • help on transportation to the Peaceful Mountain workshop space from your plane, train, or automobile

Questions about these things? Ask us, we'll tell you more.

Registration is closed

opened May 1 and closed June 21, 2014

13 spots have been taken | registration has closed




What are portals?

A portal is an opening or an entryway ... a grand entrance where a larger universe of possibility is accessed.

There are so many kinds of portals and so many ways to access them: through breath, listening, touch, trauma, fracture, yoga, communicating, the wind, death, transformation, meditating, art, writing, creation, ritual, dance, sparkling conversation. Some are directly in the body—like the mouth, q-spot, prostate.

But there's more than just that. What other places do you access the non-ordinary?





None of these photos belong to Body Trust or Portals of Pleasure; we reprint them here purely for fun and pleasure with the understanding that they are available under Creative Commons licenses. If they are not, please contact us and we'll gladly remove it.

Where is this retreat?

Peaceful Mountain is a stunning sacred retreat center about 45 minutes from Bellingham, Washington. It features 26 acres of pacific northwest forest, a hot tub, a sauna, a meditation room, a workout room, and more.

We'll all be staying in the large central house (with an octagonal atrium in the center!), and doing our work in the yoga room, which will become our temple space. All of the rooms are shared, but you will have your own bed.

Don't worry—the Portals of Pleasure staff will help you coordinate your transportation from Bellingham or Seattle.

FEE: Fair Energy Exchange

Creative Pricing

We want this workshop to be accessible to everybody, regardless of cost, but we must cover our expenses to keep this work sustainable, and we believe that one of the necessary expenses is adequate payment to our staff. Since Body Trust's commitment is to transparency, sustainability, and social justice, we are attempting to be clear about where the money goes while also making the work sustainable and accessible to everyone possible.

Yes, absolutely, we can work out a payment plan! All participants must be paid in full by August 1st.

Money, like most things, is an energetic flow. You may have a lot, like an abundant ocean, or you may have only a little, like a puddle or a pond.




If you are on a limited budget—as a student, artist, or with a minimalist lifestyle—we do have some limited scholarships available. Sign up for registration and we can talk more deeply about your particular situation.




The honest price of this workshop is $1200, and that covers all of our expenses. Any profit beyond our expenses will help bring Body Trust as an organization into form, so we can play with you in more ways!




If you have wealth, or if your annual income is greater than $50k, we request you consider paying a little bit more to help assist those who don't have as much. Pay it forward to support the diversity of our community and circle of beloveds.

Got questions?

How many people will be there? What will they be like?

Portals of Pleasure is limited to sixteen participants (and four staff!). We hope this means your experience will be intimate, and you'll be able to dive deep into your work.

We expect a wide range of ages, from people in their 20s to people in their 60s, from all over the US and Canada. Because this workshop is advanced, it is necessary for participants to have some experience with erotic circles and community, so you may encounter people from a variety of backgrounds—from acupuncture to shamanism, from tantra to BDSM.

What is the diversity like at Portals of Pleasure?

Part of our philosophy as an organization is to make our work as accessible as possible for the people who are drawn to it. That means we work within a framework of survivor and trauma concepts, that we honor everyone's gender identities as they express them, we do our best to make our spaces accessible to all kinds of bodies, we work on awareness of our own holdings of privilege (including white and able bodied privileges), and we are dedicated to a sliding scale option. We also fully expect to be imperfect in this effort and that fallability is part of what it takes to move forward.

Can I trade or do some work-study to help assist me in paying tuition?

Not this time. The Portals of Pleasure staff LOVE trading for goods or services in order to make workshop costs more accessible to limited budgets. However, because we are trying to keep the cost low to participants and we want to ensure that the staff gets paid for our time, we do not have any options for trading in this retreat. We do have a limited amount of scholarships available.

Why are you using gender as a qualifier? Who can come to this workshop? Is my special snowflake unicorn gender invited to attend?

Yes, we are using gender as a way to filter what kind of bodies are in attendance at this workshop, and that's complicated. Ask any of the staff to elaborate on the intersections of gender, social justice, and doing work with bodies.

Genderqueer folks outside of the gender binary and people who identify as women are welcome at this workshop. We use "woman" here in the broadest possible way: whether you are cis or trans or genderqueer, butch or femme or androgynous, queer or straight or questioning, or none of the above, we eagerly welcome you. (It is our pleasure to work with the power of women, and to be in the lineage of women's temples.)

The staff has a variety of complex relationships with the identity of "woman." We were all assigned female at birth, but identify more as in-between, gender fluid, or genderqueer. We are eager to keep working with people who see themselves as the in-betweeners, people who are neither "men" nor "women" but who are carving out a space just for them. If you are genderqueer, gender fluid, in-between, or whatever your special word is for your own gender, we welcome you to this workshop, regardless of what you've got between your legs.

The next step in registering is to talk to one of the Portal Opening People!

How do I get to Peaceful Mountain?

Don't worry! Shuttles will pick you up from your plane or train in downtown Bellingham, WA. It's also possible to catch a ride with another participant coming up from Seattle; get in touch and we'll help coordinate that.

What's my room & board like at Portals of Pleasure?

Your Portals of Pleasure experience includes three meals daily, snacks, and shared housing (about three to a room).

What happens if I'm really triggered? How do you deal with Big Things coming up?

Portals of Pleasure and the erotic embodiment rituals and experiments we offer is through a "trauma-informed" framework. The staff has a wide variety of experience with survivors, sensitivities, triggers, holding, and care, and we have all worked with big surges of emotion and memory in (and out of) these kinds of retreats. We will do our very best to hold your experience gently, with respect and tenderness, and to get the kind of assistance you need. If you have particular concerns, needs, or circumstances, please let us know.

Portals of Pleasure Values Radical Inclusivity

We recognize that the staff holds privilege (being able bodied and white, for example), and that many social injustices affect access to embodied erotic work. We are aiming to be as inclusive as possible.

About gender: This workshop is for straight, queer, masculine of center, undecided, trans, butch, femme, cis, self-identified women, and the many other kinds of “women” in the broadest sense of the word. And: this workshop is for genderqueer folks outside the gender binary, regardless of how you were assigned at birth.

About race: The four producers of this workshop are white and actively working with anti-racist practices. This field of work is still dominated by white people, and we aim to actively include all people of color and to encourage POC to be leaders in the realms of erotic embodiment.

About accessibility: The workshop will not be interpreted; please contact us if you have specifics around hearing and we will work with you. Space is not wheelchair accessible, has stairs and outdoor gravel paths. We ask that the retreat be a scent-aware space. We also know there are a variety of other accessibility needs that we may or may not be aware of; please contact us and let us know what yours are, and we will gladly work with you.

Still have questions for us? We'd love to hear 'em. Shoot us a note through the form and we'll get back to you.

When cultural norms of the mainstream don't fit,

we have to work extra hard to find the truth of our bodies.

Shadow material, cultural shames, and guilts get attached to the skin and the bodies further clouding the search for true self. In the worst case scenarios, our body's truth is left invisible, disconnected, unseen, and our armoring becomes so strong and inflexible that we can't allow the access (to self or others) that we desire. But at best, these challenges allow us to step into our bodies with deep, solid self-knowledge and keen awareness of what mainstream often finds invisible, thus never questions. That is what creates the queer guides who bridge the known and unknown.

—Amy Butcher, Chief of Whimsy for Body Trust

Portal Opening People


liminal guide + support staff

Amy Butcher is a silver fox “liminal guide” and enjoys taking people through transformations.

She will be in the connective tissue of the experience, connecting with participants before and after the workshop through the transitional spaces of transportation, as well as the potent down time of the workshop. She will be assisting in the temple.



Lizz Randall is a Body Electric School teacher, Sacred Intimate, tantra teacher, farmer, and parent, who has been teaching whole body workshops for over 15 years. She is dedicated to using the body as a laboratory for transformation.

In Portals of Pleasure, Lizz will be co-facilitating the temple space and rituals with Zed.



Zed Sinclair is a feminist dominant, sacred intimate, and poet who studies and teaches the multitudes of identities and the game(s) of gender(s) and power.

In Portals of Pleasure, Zed will be co-facilitating the temple space and rituals with Lizz.


chef + support staff

Alex Jade is an erotic educator, sacred intimate, and psychotherapist whose specialties are gender exploration, classical Tantra, SM, and exploring with an open heart and mind.

Alex will be in a staff support role and holding space outside of the ritual structures. In addition to mentoring Zed and consulting with the staff, she will be the chef in charge of all our meals.


Want to take the next step? Or do you have more questions?

Here's how to get started

Step 1: Fill out the form and tell us you're interested in attending!
Step 2: One of the "portal opening people" (staff) will contact you for a chat about the workshop.
Step 3: When you're ready to sign up, and we think you're a great fit for this workshop, we'll send you the link to make your first payment.